Leadership & Management of South African Higher Education Institutions

2 Day Workshop. The course is designed to build trust and teamwork by introducing participants, in a pratical way, to the precepts of Transformational Leadership.It also involves critical conversations on Models of University Governance , the Role of Trade Unions and Student Formations and how to deal with the challenges facing Higher Education more generally.

Transformatory Leadership & Management Development

2 Day Workshop. The course engages participants in the fundamentals of Transformational Leadership in a developmental context. The course is designed for leaders and managers in both the public and private sectors.

Essentials of Business Communication & Email Etiquette

1 Day Workshop.The course is aimed at enhancing participants skills to communicate effectively in the workplace.Written ,oral and non-verbal communications are discussed along with work place etiquette in the quest for professionalism and efficiency.

Building Trust in an Organisation

1 Day Workshop.The course analyses the foundations of trust, trust as the basis for professional and personal relationships and relationships as the prerequisite for meeting personal and organisational objectives.

Public Participation

5 Day Workshop .The course is designed for City Councilors,Ward Committee Members,Municipal Employees and Members of Civil Society Organisations who liaise with and represent the public interest,to introduce participants to theoretical and practical approaches to public participation ,planning public participation programmes and understanding the critical role that public participation plays in community development.

Essentials of Effective Report Writing

1 Day Workshop. The course covers an overview of the different types of reports, guidelines for effective report writing and the criteria used for assessing the effectiveness of a report.

Student Centredness

1 Day Workshop. The course is designed for participants to gain an understanding of what student centredness means and to create a learning environment that helps students to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. The historical and philosophical roots of student centredness are explored in relation to Constitutional imperatives in our democracy.